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Quick-Grip Clamp Rack

Simple and effective storage for your quick grip-style clamps

Prior to building this quick-grip clamp rack, I would just ‘clamp’ the clamps to the joists in my shop. The problem was the location I kept them meant reaching above my head and over tools to get them. Not ideal so I hardly used them. My solution is a simple DIY rack that holds them vertical and puts them near my other parallel and f-style clamps for greater access. I used some scrap 3/4″ oak plywood to build mine, but you could use solid lumber if desired.

I used a table saw with a dado blade to cut the slots, but you could do it with a combination of other tools. A jigsaw, handsaw, router, or drill a hole at the innermost end of the slot and saw cut the waste would work as well.

the assembled oak plywood quick clamp rack

The Build

The quick-grip clamp rack is 2 pieces of plywood 24″ long x 5 1/2″ wide. I chose to dado one piece into the other in a T shape, but you could just butt them together as a T or an L though I’d recommend 45-braces on the ends for support, offset from the centerline because I have to clear pipes where I’m hanging this. I’ve got 13 quick-grips so that’s what I’ve calculated spacing for. This calculation also takes into account space for 45-braces if you do choose to use them. No need to do anything different in the build.

Slots are cut at 1/4″ width and 1 1/4″ depth. The first slot is 1 3/8″ from the end, then a 1 1/2″ space in between each slot. I have two clamps with a thicker bar so I widened the last 2 slots to 3/8″ to accommodate. Glued and screwed together, holes drilled for mounting, and the rack is ready for use. You could round over sharp edges and add a radius to the corners for aesthetics, though for me it’s utilitarian in purpose so I didn’t go that far.

*If you make a different size rack, keep the spacing at 1 1/2″ so the clamp pads don’t overlap each other.

cutting the plywood for the quick clamp rack on the tablesaw

Tag me @designableco (on Instagram / Twitter) and @designable on Facebook if you do build it. I’d love to see what you create!

quick clamps installed in the oak plywood quick clamp rack

Download the pdf template in full-length 24″ or as a section you can print at home. (print ‘section’ at 100% to maintain correct dimension and it’ll fit 8.5×11 paper)