I get asked all the time where I get all the fancy wood used in my projects.

My local lumber supplier Parkerville Wood Products stocks over 60 species of hardwoods from around the world. They are a busy millwork shop as well as a lumber supplier to the general public and offer a selection of offcuts from completed jobs that are too small for them to sell as bulk board footage so they offer deep discounts on these ‘shorts’. Sometimes there’s cracks, rough faces/edges or other damage but the majority of it is just short – less than 36″ (they like to maintain a 4ft minimum length for shelved stock).

These pieces are perfect for the hobbyist or woodworking shop to create products like cutting boards, knife blocks, tablet stands, shelving and other home decor items. Lathe turners and scroll sawyers would love this selection!

I buy lots of these to build products with, but also to try out a species I’ve never worked with and test machining properties and finishes.

shelves at the lumber mill full of wood


I’ll occasionally make my way to other local suppliers – Rugby Architectural Building Products (formerly Downes and Reader), E.R. Hinman and a few smaller specialty mills for things like slabs, bulk purchases with friends, and deals on character grade lumber. I also make trades and purchases from friends.