Custom Woodworking and General Making of Things

Solid Construction

Traditional and modern techniques make it last.

Exotic Materials

Beauty, character and strength from around the globe – sourced locally.

Custom Creations

Modern designs with character and craftsmanship.

Connecticut-based woodworker providing custom woodworking of handmade decor, furniture and wooden accessories

Modern, handcrafted wood accessories and furniture. That’s what I like to make.

Custom woodworking of things like cutting boards, grill scrapers, coffee tables, iMac stands, dining tables, key holders, office furniture and other kitchen and home decor accessories. I use exotic species of woods to create truly unique pieces.

Looking for something more rustic? We work with reclaimed materials too. Got a commercial space in need of a facelift? We have experience designing and building for retail businesses.

I’m always looking to incorporate a variety of design into my work. I’ve made friends with several other talented individuals whose services can greatly enhance the products I offer:

  • cnc routing
  • laser cutting/engraving
  • airbrush art
  • pyrography
  • metalworking
  • leathercraft

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Mahogany and Maple Console Table

Console table straight lines softened with a subtle curve. This amazing character and colors of this console table will be the focal point of any entryway or home decor. I glued 33 random width strips of mahogany together, the lightest colored pieces grouped in the center for a contrasting stripe, to form the top. The [...]

Live Edge Yew Bench

Yew Bench: A Marriage of Rustic and Modern Styles This amazing contrast of colors will be the focal point of any entryway or home decor. The deep orangey-brown color of this live edge yew bench heartwood that is blanketed by the lighter band of sapwood is eye-catching enough yet is further enhanced by the rich color and character of the walnut legs supporting it. This live edge [...]

Recent Articles

Quick-Grip Clamp Rack

Simple and effective storage for your quick grip-style clamps Prior to building this quick-grip clamp rack, I would just ‘clamp’ the clamps to the joists in my shop. The problem was the location I kept them meant reaching above my head and over tools to get them. Not ideal so I hardly used them. My […]

Building A White Oak and Sapele Slat Table

Custom making a slat table with an open design For this custom build, I am working some sapele and quarter-sawn white oak into an open slat design coffee table. The dimensions this table worked out to be would actually work as a sitting bench as well (I did sit on it prior to finishing and it [...]

Rubio Monocoat and the Value of Time

Rubio Monocoat gave me some of my life back. Like many other makers and DIYers, I’m always looking for ways to speed up my build process and utilize my time effectively. For makers, more time saved means more money in the pocket and more opportunity to work on other projects. How do you save time […]

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