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Cuttingboard Display Rack

Build a cuttingboard display rack with these free plans.

Have lots of cuttingboards built and no way to display them in your store or on your table at craft fairs, so they’re visible and easy to get too? Then you need these cuttingboard display rack plans to build some for yourself. I had this problem too until I built a simple wooden rack (using up scraps. FTW!). Not only did this solve the problem of visually seeing the individual designs, but it also helped free up valuable table space for more items. It’s also visually appealing too. Depending upon your rack length, you can store cuttingboards in the vertical or horizontal orientation (sometimes I do a mixture if a board is long or I want it to specifically stand out).

You can use any available materials you have to build them, it doesn’t have to be fancy exotics like I used. Use up your scrap plywood, 2×4’s, particleboard, etc., and throw a coat of paint on them, hand-rubbed wax, or leave them natural for an urban, rustic look. I’ll be building more with the help of my friend Anthony (@anthonyscustomwoodworks) who has a Shopbot CNC machine so we can batch them out efficiently and effortlessly.

Make sure the slots will work with the thicknesses you build, or modify the design prior to actually cutting the shape into the wood. They need to function, not win a beauty contest, so have fun building!

Tag me @designableco (on Instagram / Twitter) and @designable on Facebook if you do build them, I’d love to see what you create!

Download the 3-slot rack (pdf)

Download the 4-slot rack (pdf)