I use a wide variety of hand and power tools

that I’ve amassed over the decades that I’ve been dabbling in woodworking and furniture making. I started out with what I could afford for the amount of work I was doing at the time. Some of these tools are still actively being used and still work great but over the years I’ve progressed to buy better quality tools.

I own a majority of the tools listed here and some I use are off-brand or no longer available, hence I have provided suggestions to outfit a shop. These tools are readily available online – an affiliate link has been provided. I’ve also got some high-quality, yet affordable, handtools I’ve gotten from some incredible makers on Instagram, so remember to always check online for a small shop producing quality tools/gear and support local when you can.

Power Tools

Hand Tools

Finishes and Adhesives

Shop Accessories

I have a large selection of other hand tools and accessories that I use but not as frequently as these listed. If you’ve seen me use something on my Instagram feed and want to know more about it just send me a DM.

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