rough sawn south american mahogany mantle

A rough-sawn beam mahogany mantle, with a richness of character and rustic charm.

This mahogany mantle has some prominent features that will add character to any decor. Sawblade marks from the mill after the tree was felled and cut into slabs, as well as a deep brownish-red-orange patina you only get with age, are intact on three faces. Of obvious visual interest is also the marking 135 emblazoned in black paint on the face. I’m not sure of its meaning, possibly a lot number for the large stack of timbers this was bundled with.

Finished with several coats of satin polycrylic, it really deepens the color already in place by the age patina. Mounting hardware is not included.

The item can also lean against a wall as room decor, display as wall art instead of a mantle or use it as a header above an entryway.

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