Raw Reclaimed Oak Coffee Table

A raw top featuring weathered rustic oak boards full of insane character.

Raw reclaimed oak coffee table

A raw, rustic top full of varied coloring, crush marks and staining where metal straps wrapped the boards for decades, nail holes, and slight unevenness. The boards run perpendicular to the bases length, as opposed to traditional longways.

The entire top is raw, the coloring you see is from many decades of age and air exposure. I choose to leave it that way as a finish applied to the weathered face would darken it. If the bottom and edges were finished it would absorb moisture differently and cause cupping/splitting. Better to let it equalize evenly. Slight undulations and varying board thickness further adds to the charming character. A slight hand sanding was done to soften the edges.

closeup of texture of the raw reclaimed oak coffee table

The table base is white oak in a modern, blocky style with a heavy chamfer on the legs and apron bottom. Finish is a mixture of Rubio Monocoat charcoal and black oils. The raw look is nice contrast against the finished base.

Chamfer detail of the raw reclaimed oak coffee table

Here’s a look at a rustic bar table I built using this same reclaimed oak. The barrel is a family moonshine heirloom.

Overall size is 39 1/2″ l x 22″ d x 17 1/2″ h using beefy 6/4+ wood.

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