Multiple Wood Species End Table

Multiple Wood Species + Angles -> Modern Design

designable multiple wood species end table

Multiple wood species mix to create a unique modern furniture design end table, full of color and visual texture from the grain of the woods used. A lively statement piece for your home’s decor.

This table consists of the following wood species: redheart, maple, purpleheart, cherry, walnut, aromatic cedar, vertical grain fir, and bloodwood.

To soften the angular shape, the top received a slight belly along all four edges. I added a 5/32″ maple edge banding to the perimeter of the 3/4″ thick tabletop to cover the end grain edge as well as the tenon joinery.

5/8″ thick maple is used to construct the base, in a tapered leg and integral skirt design. Domino tenon joinery binds it all together, with custom-made table buttons to attach the base to the top. These table buttons firmly secure the base to the top and have plenty of wiggle room to allow for wood movement.

Finished with Rubio Monocoat pure oil, delivering a smooth, low sheen.

Overall size: 21 1/4″ square x 24 1/2″ h

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