Striped Quartersawn Hickory Cutting Board Giveaway

Win this Hickory Cutting Board! Custom, hand-made cutting board made of quartersawn hickory and stripes of walnut. The striped effect is further achieved by using 2 strips of hickory heartwood and 3 strips of hickory sapwood, separated by thin strips of walnut. Both heartwood and sapwood are very hard and dense, for a lifetime of […]

Rubio Monocoat Racks and Oil Giveaway

Win these custom Rubio Monocoat racks and oil samples! I just completed a cabinet build project to better organize my shop and to store tools and supplies. During that build, I made a batch of racks using South American Mahogany to specifically hold Rubio Monocoat 20ml bottles. I’ve partnered with Rubio Monocoat to give away […]

Rubio Monocoat and the Value of Time

Rubio Monocoat gave me some of my life back. Like many other makers and DIYers, I’m always looking for ways to speed up my build process and utilize my time effectively. For makers, more time saved means more money in the pocket and more opportunity to work on other projects. How do you save time […]

Quick-Grip Clamp Rack

Simple and effective storage for your quick grip-style clamps Prior to building this quick-grip clamp rack, I would just ‘clamp’ the clamps to the joists in my shop. The problem was the location I kept them meant reaching above my head and over tools to get them. Not ideal so I hardly used them. My […]

Cuttingboard Display Rack

Build a cuttingboard display rack with these free plans. Have lots of cuttingboards built and no way to display them in your store or on your table at craft fairs, so they’re visible and easy to get too? Then you need these cuttingboard display rack plans to build some for yourself. I had this problem too until […]

Cornhole Bean Bag Tote

Easy-to-build and affordable carry tote for your Cornhole bean bags Make setting up your games of Cornhole (bean bag toss) more enjoyable and keep the bags neatly stored when not in use and easy to carry when on the go.   Materials Required: Wood Products: (1) 1/2″ Thick, 24″ x 24″, Plywood Hardware/Supplies: (1) Strap (I […]

Building A White Oak and Sapele Slat Table

Custom making a slat table with an open design For this custom build, I am working some sapele and quarter-sawn white oak into an open slat design coffee table. The dimensions this table worked out to be would actually work as a sitting bench as well (I did sit on it prior to finishing and it [...]

Adhesives Reference Chart

Are you using the right adhesives to bond materials together? While you can glue most anything together with super glue (who hasn’t glued their own fingers together at one time or another?), some materials just won’t stick. It gets really confusing when you start mixing different materials. With this handy adhesives chart, you’ll know if glass […]